About Us

At School Active Sports we want to see kids, teens and young adults being active and remaining active throughout their lives.

We aim to inspire and empower girls from the beginning of their school sports journey. We want to support them to be active and remain active. Being active doesn't just keep our bodies healthy, it also improves our mental wellbeing.

We want to help keep girls in sports by giving them appropriate clothing that is modest and safe.

School Active Sports are committed to ethical and sustainable work and supply chain practices. All our supply chain is ethically audited by global auditing organisations. We also regularly visit and inspect our supplier factories to oversee the production process. 

We are not fast-fashion. Our garments are made of the very best technical fabrics and are constructed to last. Our garments keep their shape and integrity. They don't fade, they are not see-through, they don't tear easily, they wash and dry quickly, and most of all they are modest and non sexualised.

School Active Sports are also committed to the communities we are involved with. We help support schools and sporting clubs to fundraise; giving back to the community.

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