7 Tips for uniform shops looking for activewear pants for school sports

7 Tips for uniform shops looking for activewear pants for school sports
Finding a decent pair of activewear pants for school sports that don’t go saggy, pilly, see-through or are made under unethical conditions are challenging. Here are my top tips for trawling past the garbage to find the gems.
See through fabric
Cheap activewear pants that go transparent around the seat are terrible quality.
It’s all in the fabric. You need a heavier weight material where the structure of the knit will be tighter. If in doubt the squat test will quickly identify a poor quality pant.
Is it a bargain? Nope you’ll pay for it twice.
Bargain leggings that you can get two for what you’d pay for one pair of fancy ones. One wash and they lose their shape, go transparent, go pilly and the elastic goes..
Check the label. Cheap cotton and and polyester won’t last. You want to see nylon elastane (with a high level of elastane, above 15%). This means the activepants will be strong (won’t tear), comfortable and built to last. 
Keeping cool and dry
If you want to still look fresh after your workout make sure your activepants have moisture wicking technology to keep you cool and dry. It might also be called sweat wicking or just wicking.
Optimising comfort and reducing chafing
Keep an eye out for activepants with no inside leg seam. This is a design gem and will make you extra comfortable and prevent chafing.
Consider the activity you will be engaging in
Think carefully about what activities are going on in your activepants. Think about where the pockets are on the leggings. Doing yoga, pilates, gymnastics? A back pocket with a zip will be really pokey and uncomfortable. A front pocket? Great for some activities as long as you’re not folding forward for anything -like in barre or dance. Side pocket? Great but not great for rock climbing. 
4 Way
4 way stretch fabric is the gold standard for proper athlete quality gear. It allows a full range of movement and flexibility.
Not fast fashion - built to last
Invest in quality for the sake of the planet. If you buy activewear pants that are good quality they will last you and you won’t have to keep replacing the ones that tear, go transparent and get pill. A lot of leggings are made in factories in developing countries so good companies will make sure their factories are signed up to things like the SEDEX principles (to comply with the highest levels of ethical business practice).